Drumstick one of the miracle tree where every part of the tree has several medicinal properties. This includes leaves, flower, drum-sticks, seeds, roots, and bark.
Drumstick-Super Food?
It is an excellent souce of multivitamins and protein which is far superior in comparison to other trees.
Some Amazing Facts about Drumstick Leaves-
  1. Vitamin A- 4 times more than carrots and 13 times than spinach.
  2. Vitamin C- 7 times more than oranges.
  3. Calcium- 4 times more than milk.
  4. Magnesium- 36 times more than egg.
  5. Potassium- 63 times more than milk and 3 times more than banana.
  6. Iron- 25 times more than spinach.
  7. Protein- 2 times more than curd/milk.
  8. Excellent souce of B Vitamins and Antioxidants.
Consumption of Drumstick in daily diet could possibly reduce the risk of various degenerative diseases like:
  1. Diabetes- reduces blood sugar levels.
  2. Good for Heart and Brain- reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. It improves the brain function and helps fight against stress and depression.
  3. Digestive health- improves digestion, effective in the treatment of kidney and liver disease, ulcers and kidney stones. It also controls diarrhoea and dysentry.
  4. Anti-microbial- fights several bacterial/fungal/viral infections. example- throat infections, common cold, and other gastric problems.
  5. Good source of antioxidant so keeps your skin healthy and glowing.
  6. Other benefits- good for cancer, thyroid and asthma patients and very effective in treating anemia.
How to use Drumstick: Drum-stick can be added to dal, sambhar and other curries; drumstick leaves in form of tea or blended into juice or used in soup, salads, and other meals.
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