Yes, milk is both nutritious and delicious. The nutrient levels in milk are very high relative to its small number of calories.

Health Benefits of Milk-

  1. Milk products contain high quality proteins 18% of which is whey protein and 82% is casein, a protein which contains all the essential amino acids.Protein is important to fight diseases, renew cells, build muscles, and maintain healthy hair and nails.

  2. Milk and Dairy products provide the right amount of bone building nutrients specifically calcium, Vitamin D, Protein, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.

  3. The calcium found in milk is readly absorbed by the body. Phosphorus is needed in the proper ratio to calcium to form bone. Milk provides these two minerals in approximately the same ratio as found in bone, and hence, milk is essential for growth and proper development of strong bone structure.

  4. Bone Disorders such as Osteoporosis can be prevented with a significant daily intake of milk.

  5. Dental Care: Milk helps to keep excellent dental care as it protects the enamel surface against acidic substances.

  6. Skin: Milk solids nourish and smooth your skin. The lactic acid present in milk is known to aid dead skin cells thereby by rejuvenating your skin and keeping it fresh. It is good for treating dry skin. Apply milk on your face and other effected areas leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

  7. Simply drinking it, due to its impressive content of Vitamin A helps to improve skin particularly since the anioxidant potential of milk helps to eliminate free radicals that is responsible for premature ageing, resulting in wrinkles and age spots.

  8. Acidity Reduction: consumption of milk products can also help in reducing acidity. Drinking cold milk provides relief from acidity.

  9. Improving Diet and Vitamin Intake: According to medical research drinking milk considerably improves our intake of vitals minerals and vitamins.

  10. Rehydration: Milk contains a good quantity of water molecule and considered the best fluid for rehydration, outside of drinking actual water.

  11. Milk helps in reducing Blood Pressure, increases blood flow to the vital organs and reduces the stress on the heart due to its magnesium and potassium content.